Agency System

With the Bolly Tech AMS, our partners create an easily manageable and customizable hierarchy for agent networks of all sizes. Sportsbook and casino operators worldwide are able to assign agents to promote their business, while having complete transparency and control over all incoming cash streams.

All agents retain their players

Parent of each player is also allowed to place bets on behalf of the player, either by transferring money to player’s accounts and betting after, or automatically transferring money for betting. This functionality enables agents to meet their players needs and provide better service.

Multilevel structure of sub-agents

Benefit from a complete retail Agent system solution built to accelerate your business right across your land-based network. Bolly Tech AMS allows you to keep a multilevel structure of sub-agents and manage it through branch management accesses.

Access on desktop, mobile or tablet devices

Our platform is fully accessible and operational across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Transfer credit and money to players and sub-agents

Take total control of your agent operations, commission payments, cash flow and equipment performance with a unified management system.