Skill Games

Gaming has been a part of lifestyle for human beings throughout their existence. The internet aka the digital age has revolutionised the gaming industry opening huge opportunities. Skill Gaming is going to be the next big bet for gaming industry.

Why skill Gaming is Going to be big

The universal appeal and social nature of skill gaming offers great opportunity for direct monetisation. The skill games sector is ripe for growth fuelled by enhanced internet connectivity, changing needs in social interaction and a growing youth population base with higher disposable incomes. Even in countries where there are strict laws for game of chance, game of skill are treated differently and are comparable to any other entertainment activity. Hence they are commercially interesting for many companies worldwide.

What is Skill Game

A game is considered to be skill based if the outcome of the game predominantly depends on skills of players and not on a chance event. Popularity of skill based gaming comes with the ability for anybody to improve their skills and get better at the game one is playing.

Why gaming providers cannot ignore Skill Gaming

New generations demand new games. Opposed to traditional games of chance the player can actually influence the outcome of games by applying skills. A combination of luck, chance and skill make these games very interesting and we will see most of the traditional casino games having tough competition from skill games.

The fierce competition between gaming providers to retain users has opened a wide range of choices for gamers. As gaming providers continue to look for ways to expand their services and ensure continued user engagement, skill gaming is the next big opportunity for gaming providers to cash on.

Bolly Tech Skill Gaming offering

Despite the huge potential of skill gaming there is a vacuum in playing skill games for cash. To address this Bolly Tech Skill Gaming was launched to provide a slew of games that will provide best gaming experience to players and help gaming operators to monetise these opportunities.

8 Ball Pool Real Money Gaming

8 Ball is a popular pool (pocket billiards) game played across the globe. Bolly Tech skill gaming is a pioneer in providing the online version of 8 ball pool which can be played for cash. The 8 ball pool game is a realtime multiplayer game wherein two players compete against each other to win the bet amount players have wagered.

Cash Tables

The lobby displays cash tables with varying entry fees for the game. Players join the tables by paying an entry fee and play against an opponent in realtime to win the cash prize. The game provider will charge a rake/game management fee from both players.

The entry fees and the rake to be generated from the cash tables are configurable.

MMOG Tournament

Bolly Tech Skill Gaming also offers in its platform to conduct Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming Tournaments where thousands of players will compete against other players to win the tournament prize money. Each player will have to pay an entry fee to the tournament and the tournament prize pool is distributed among the players after deduction rake/game management fee. The entry fee, prize pool and the distribution of prize pool are configurable.

Mini Tournaments

Bolly Tech Skill Gaming also offers in its platform mini tournaments which can be conducted among a small pool of players. This offers the experience of a MMOG tournament with the flexibility to organize for a small pool of players.

Multiplatform Support

The 8 ball pool game is available as an app on Android, iPhone and can also be played on Desktop devices.

Multiple Payment Gateways support

The payment gateways are configurable with ability to accept from credit card, debit card, netbanking and mobile wallets.