Systems Management

Bolly Tech knows that services for customers need to be active and running every second of every day. That’s why our system management services are your ideal solution to track and manage all your hardware. Our Team is well-equipped with broad experience in many areas including systems administration, database administration, networking, and security. To keep fully aware of the health of all production facilities, the team uses a mixture of solutions, including proprietary software, open source software and our in-house designed and built monitoring software that gives an instant overview of what’s happening at any of our sites and clients. The operations team is quick to identify an anomaly in the system, and they can investigate and deal with the issue before it becomes critical.

The team performs a detailed analysis of your products and assists you in getting more horsepower from your equipment. For example, if disk I/O is a bottleneck that is slowing your Sportsbook or casino, they’ll help you get it resolved quickly. Likewise, the DBA team is expert in getting that extra boost you find with a perfectly tuned database. Outsourcing your operational requirements to Bolly Tech will resolve 24/7 technical management and will leave you to concentrate on the important things: your customers and your business.